• Length:

    400mm / 16” cable (railcars) 1500mm / 60” cable (containers and OTR trucks)

  • Diameter:

    available in 2.2mm and 3.2mm Cable

  • Security:

    Two independent locking mechanisms which protect the seal from ratcheting, picking and freezing. The 3.2mm version is an ISO 17712:2013 / C-TPAT Compliant High Security “H” Seal.

  • Misc:

    Compatible with Red Flag STM Suite of applications & Handheld Computers.

  • Options:

    Custom numbering, company logo, and a choice of five colors.

A versatile device, which offers safe protection from unauthorized access to cargo vehicles (vans, refrigerator trucks, railway containers, tanks with oil products, grain carriers, shipping containers) warehouses, storage facilities, etc.

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